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StableMoor™ Buoys

High Performance in High Current Areas

Specifically designed for high current applications, the Flotation Technologies StableMoor™ is designed to reduce drag and increase mooring stability in extreme flow regimes. By decreasing frontal area (compared to our standard spherical buoys) and increasing mooring stability in high current areas, the StableMoor minimizes mooring inclination and excursions. With a theoretical drag coefficient of 0.3 the StableMoor™ is the lowest drag ADCP deployment solution available today.

Built to Last

The StableMoor™ is cast from a buoyant core of solid Flotec™ syntactic foam wrapped in a protective layer of GRP that provides a smooth and durable exterior. The high-strength fiberglass tail and new stainless steel mooring swivel allow for smooth transitions from changes in current direction and provide increased directional stability. Best of all, instruments can be installed and removed in minutes without the need to disassemble the unit.

Highly Versatile

The StableMoor™ can be provided with single or multiple instrument wells to support upward, downward or upward and downward looking configurations. Models with two instrument wells can be fitted with a single ADCP cable to an external battery case or with other instrumentation. Instrument wells are covered by an LDPE acoustic window — further reducing drag without compromising ADCP performance. Like other Flotec™ ADCP mooring products, StableMoor buoys can be customized for acoustic modem configurations and supplied with pockets for mooring location devices, CTDs and other remote sensing equipment.


  • Lower drag for a given buoyancy than spherical buoys
  • Decreases mooring oscillation, inclination and excursions in high current regimes
  • Can house multiple ADCPs and instrumentation
  • Upward or downward looking configurations
  • Available with depth ratings from 200 to 6000m
  • Mooring and handling hardware is type 316L stainless steel
  • Instruments can be installed in minutes. Single body construction — no hull to assemble.
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